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Forensic Peer Support Specialist:  Training



Individuals living with substance use disorder and/or a co-occurring mental health diagnosis face unique challenges and barriers to their recovery when also involved in the criminal justice system.


This training aims to reduce those barriers and improve the delivery of peer-based recovery support services by providing specialized knowledge and evidence based practices to peer support workers whose clients are criminal justice involved.


  Utilizing SAMHSA's Forensic Peer Support guidelines and incorporating the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) and the role of peer supports at each identified intercept point, this training equips peer support/recovery coaches to help improve the opportunities for success across the continuum.  


"A Forensic Peer works to remove barriers and obstacles by serving as a  personal guide and role model to people  with criminal justice involvement."

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7091 W Emerald Street
Boise, Idaho 83704


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